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Proposal submission form

The deadline for submission is 2200 GMT on Thursday, June 7 2018. We are unable to accept any applications after the deadline.

Most panels in academic conferences tend to follow a model where contributors each speak for 5-10 minutes and then there is time for questions. In reality speakers often exceed their time allotments and little time is left for audience participation. We really don’t want that, so we’d be very happy for you to propose different models which break the ‘expert table’ model and are genuinely about conversation and discourse rather than being yet another set of presentations.

Below you can send information to the website that will encourage others to become involved in your panel. You can retain curation of the final makeup, but this is a way for you find interesting people who are planning to attend the event.

However, please don’t expect us to organise your panels for you. If you are proposing a panel you’re accepting the responsibility to collect contributors and ensure they plan to attend the event.

Please list all other contributors. Ideally include an email address.
A proposed name for your panel as it will appear on the website and in the programme.
A short but compelling description of the panel. Tell us, for example, why you have chosen this topic, how you will engage the audience in a conversation, and the kind of people or idea you would like to see represented on the panel.

Assuming the weather is fine...
What is the minimum number of participants?
What is the minimum number of participants?
Tell us what you will do, what kind of participants you would like, any special requirements you have.

We are making space in the programme for some short readings. If you have a piece of text (it may be your own, or someone else’s) that you believe speaks to the topic and lasts around five minutes, we’d be happy to consider your proposal. We are asking you to perform your reading: if you’re not confident that you can do this well you can also propose a reader.

We're aware that your material may be copyrighted and we won't distribute it or publish it.

Proposal page 2

If you are proposing a performance or exhibition, please send one image that gives us a sense of the work. If you are proposing a paper or artist presentation it would be very helpful for us to have an image that in some way represents the work or idea. Please send as a .jpg, .pdf, or .png and limit the file size to 5MB. When you click SUBMIT please allow time for the image to upload. Be patient and you will be rewarded with a confirmation.

Please ensure the file name is something that will help us recognise it (your name, your project), and then include that name below. If there is any copyright ownership please include in the name.
The exact name of the file you are uploading.
If you like you can send us an image or yourself which we may use on the website or in the programme. Please make sure you have given it a name that includes your name so that we know who the picture belongs to.
Is there anything else we should know? Any special access requirements, for example? Please only include information directly relating to your proposal.
I'm happy for you to contact me with regard to related events at and Dartington.

If you have included one or more images with your proposal please bear in mind that it can take quite a long time to finish submitting the form – sometimes a few minutes. It depends on how large your files are and how fast your connection to the internet is.

You will always receive a confirmation once the form has finished uploading. You will also receive a confirmation email. If neither of these is true, then most likely we do not have your form. If that is the case please try again, or contact us.