Adorning our new biosphere

beauty and the role of the artist in a post-carbon world


an international conference and call to action

November 7-9, 2018

Dartington Hall, England

…If, upon the Lower Alps, early in May, we find…two or three little round openings pierced in [the unsullied snow], and through these emergent, a slender, pensive, fragile flower, whose small, dark purple, fringed bell hangs down and shudders over the icy cleft that it has cloven, as if partly wondering at its own recent grave, and partly dying of very fatigue after its hard-won victory; we shall be…moved by a totally different impression of loveliness from that which we receive among the dead ice and the idle clouds.

John Ruskin (1846)


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Adorning our new biosphere:

beauty and the role of the artist in a post-carbon world

November 7-9, 2018

Venue: Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EA, UK

@artdotearth | #postcarbonworld

In our post-carbon world, what of beauty? What of art itself? Surely the artist’s ability to stir up and question societal thinking, challenge preconceptions, and assert new forms of beauty and aesthetic reasoning must play a role? Part of the argument against many renewable technologies has been on aesthetic grounds, based principally on an 18thC view of an ideal ‘natural’ landscape. This is a call to action for artists, designers, engineers and other thinkers to turn their attention to a world in need of a change of argument. The technological argument has been won; now it is time to win our hearts.

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The major plus was definitely the mix of presenters and participants (I really appreciated that it was an international event), which resulted in very lively and friendly encounters with new faces and ideas and the space for conversations. The tone was set by the first afternoon and by Lola’s and Laura’s collaboration. As with similar events, having the programme over several days does more than just allow us to take in more ‘content’, it also means there is time to socialise over food and drink and take the conversations deeper. Part of that is down to what felt like a ‘light touch’ on the programme, mixing plenary with smaller groups, and having sessions in parallel so that we always had choices, the opportunity to move around and sometimes find the spaces in between for a bit of personal reflection.

A delegate at 'Feeding the Insatiable' Nov 2016

@DartingtonArts #landscape exhibition by Tessa Grundon & Hannah Fletcher open until Nov 26 FAREWELL RECEPTION Nov 24

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